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Het volgende cadeautje dat wij presenteren is ook de betere drum & bass van eigen bodem. Ditmaal in de vorm van Black Sun Empire. Deze mannen uit Utrecht komen met hun aankomende album “From the Shadows”. Naar het Ongetemd feest op zaterdag 13 oktober 2012 om te tent maar eens volledig op te blazen.

Black Sun Empire op Soundcloud

Black Sun Empire represents the finest in dark and tech fuelled dance-­floor drum & bass. Since bursting onto the scene back in 2000, they’ve continued to develop their own unique style and sound, releasing numerous singles as well as four full-­length LPs and established themselves as leaders in the field. With their impressive DJ skills and inspirational productions, Black Sun Empire has reached far beyond their native country, Holland. They’ve toured around the world with highlights including Glastonbury and many other festival appearances. Continue to build on their growing reputation as some of the most exciting and consistent performers around. Their fifth LP, From The Shadows is a 100% Drum and Bass album which will be released in October 2012. This is the follow up of the hugely successful 2010 LP, Lights And Wires that demonstrated their versatility across tempos whilst still staying true to their own sound.

Black Sun Empire bestaat uit:
Band of brothers Milan and Micha Heyboer along with René Verdult, Black Sun Empire is a DJ/producer collective based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Since making music together in 1993, the trio experimented with various styles until they found their musical direction around in 1997 and formed BSE. Heavily influenced by releases from the darker labels such as, No U Turn, Prototype and Virus, they took the techstep drum & bass blueprint and set out to create their own sound.

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